WORKSHOP | DOCOMOMO International Workshop: The adaptative re-use of the Lisbon Riverside área: the MMC case study

Through working with experienced teachers and architects from different nationalities and backgrounds, students will develop new analytical skills and working methods. Students will also be able to work in an historic Lisbon facility of outstanding size which is in a very good state of preservation.

 The workshop will provide a forum in which students, researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds will be able to discuss different aspects of the re-use of vacant Modern Movement buildings. The discussion based on a real case study will allow learning by doing.

 The purpose of the workshop is to make a significant contribution to the development of the MMC. The aim is to dissect and extract key issues and opportunities to propose a strategy of symbiosis between past values, current conditions and future possibilities, presenting it to the stakeholders and to the general public. The final presentations will be featured in the docomomo media channels and network.

 Finally, this is a way of calling the public attention to the fact that sustainability can be reached through the conservation of architectural heritage. With an emphasis on re-use and respect for the past, through intelligent re-development and community awareness, this workshop intends to be one of the first steps for the sustainable future of the MMC

Encontraréis más información sobre el congreso (objetivos, áreas de interés, presentación de contribuciones, etc.) en:!workshop/csen