noticias | 01 – March 2014


NEWSLETTER // March 2014


Welcome to the first newsletter of the OIKONET project, co-financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

The objective of OIKONET is to create a platform of collaboration to study contemporary housing from a multidisciplinary and global perspective by encompassing the multiple dimensions which condition the forms of dwelling in today’s societies: architectural, urban, environmental, economic, cultural and social.

OIKONET will intertwine three areas of activity:

1. Research on housing studies from a multidisciplinary and global approach;

2. Participatory actions to engage communities in the definition, solution and evaluation of housing problems; and

3. Pedagogical activities which bring together different stakeholders, learning environments and disciplines.

Thirty-four organizations in Europe and around the world participate in the three year of project, including universities, research organizations, local administrations, professional, and social organizations.

The project activities started in October 2013 and will last three years. We hope that these activities are of your interest and, eventually, to count on your participation in some of them.