EAAE Education Academy | 5th Workshop-Quality of Architectural Education

Fecha: 15-16 June 2018

Lugar: Madrid

Launched at the General Assembly in Milano 2015, the EAAE Education Academy has proven to be a fruitful and inspiring platform and think-tank for dedicated educators and researchers. At the first workshop in Reading we identified burning issues; in the following workshops in Porto, Amsterdam and Athens, we systematically focused on each of the strategic themes – the changing roles of the architectroots and traditions of institutions, and pedagogies. The insights that came out of these workshops provided rich ground for the writing of a Charter on Architectural Education, currently in progress.

Now is the time to take a next step.

More inf: http://www.eaae.be/event/eaae-education-academy-5th-workshop-quality-architectural-education-1/