Lugar: Salón grados (ETSA – UPV)
Fecha: Viernes 3 de mayo de 2019
Hora: 11:00 hs


In France, it is now well known that Georges Candilis, who worked for Le Corbusier at the turn of the 1950’s, is the major representative of the so-called “Team 10” group, who gained its autonomy at the last CIAM of 1959.

Already in 1975, the special issue of L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui titled “Team 10 + 20” had pointed out that belonging and, therefore, recognised the contribution of his team (Candilis-Josic-Woods, 1954-1970) to the evolution of the post-war architectural debate in France. Since then, historians have remembered these architects among a very few who, within the reconstruction context, criticised methods and models of the “Mass production system” and, by their projects and researches, showed “new ways” in order to give back qualities of “variety”, “diversity” and “complexity” to the living environment. Among all, their projects for Toulouse-le-Mirail and Berlin’s Free University have been often considered as manifestos of these positions.

Several publications have revealed the debt of Candilis-Josic-Woods ideas to the Moroccan experience (1951-1954), and thus the importance of Michel Ecochard and ATBAT-Afrique urban and housing projects for the theoretical debate in France. But yet, we know little about the positions adopted by these young “french” architects within the last post-war CIAM congress or, more precisely, about their relationships with the other CIAM groups and members. Also, more researches have to be conducted to clearly understand the French context of reconstruction or, more pragmatically, the actions pursued by Candilis-Josic-Woods in order to promote their ideas, before or after the death of CIAM, without or within Team 10.

This intervention will open these questions by revisiting the highlights of the complex history of the post-war CIAM groups in France and their main protagonists — among which stand, in 1953, Le Corbusier, Michel Ecochard and Georges Candilis, but also other older or younger architects, like Marcel Lods, Roger Aujame or Pierre Riboulet… active (or not yet) in the architectural production.