Cross-country Experiments in Architecture | Walking, Writing and Building in Lichtenstein and Venice


Fecha: 28-11-2018

Lugar: Aula 401 ETSA – Universitat Politècnica de València

Horario: 10.30 am

Organiza: TDA/TFM (linea de inglés)


Studio Venice was a Master Studio developped during 2018 Summer Semester at the University of Liechtenstein that explored the history of remoteness in the country and the architectures it entails, through walking, writing and building.
An arbitrary line drawn on a map guided our research. We attentively studied everything we crossed while following the line.
Together with 18 students we walked across Liechtenstein, from one border to the other, gathering impressions and carrying out experiments. While strolling, we collectively sketched ideas for in-situ wooden constructions. “To opt for minimal intervention is to guarantee that the significance  of whatever already exists will be apprehended in full and accepted”.*
Each student carefully designed, prototyped and built onto the landscape one structure. The studio encouraged an immersive scrutiny of the landscape through the practice of walking and a collaborative approach to design and construction.
“As a literary structure, the recounted walk encourages digression and association, in contrast to the stricter form of a discourse or the chronological progression of a biographical or historical narrative. This kind of unstructured, associative thinking is the kind most often connected to walking, and it suggests walking as not an analytical but an improvisational act.”***
The studio developped Liechtenstein’s contribution to this year’s architecture Biennale in Venice. The students participated to the Exhibition in Venice and to a series of exhibitions in Liechtenstein.

The lecture will focus on sharing the experiences gathered with walking and writing as research and design tools in architecture, as well as on examples of students’ works. I will also discuss the role of experiments in architecture education.

Matilde Igual Capdevila completed her studies in architecture in Valencia in 2011 (ETSAV) and then studied Art&Science in Vienna (die angewandte). She has taught at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and was appointed last semester as guest lecturer at the University of Liechtenstein where she led a Master Studio at the Architecture and Planning Institute together with Luis Hilti. She conceived and designed Liechtenstein’s contribution to this year’s architecture Biennale in Venice. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.