Hong Kong has been defined as an “IntenCity”, a word that expresses a combination of different urban qualities. These include concentration, density, complexity, and verticality, whose overlapping exhibits a new level of intensity that is somehow more than the sum of its parts (Shelton, Karakiewicz, and Kvan 2011). However, in this complex urban structure, most of the public spaces, especially those in old urban areas, are poorly managed and designed. These spaces, created by adopting a rigid, top-down approach and general solutions to a variety of sites and different urban conditions, are not attractive and do not facilitate social interaction and community activities. High-quality open public spaces can significantly increase a city’s attractiveness by encouraging business investment and improving living conditions. In recent years, the citizens of Hong Kong have started to become more aware of the importance of the public open spaces in the city. A number of not-for-profit organisations, such as the Hong Kong Public Space Initiative, Designing Hong Kong and UrbanactionsHK, have been set up to focus on promoting the use of public space in the community through thematic workshops, educational projects, and research studies.

Objetivo: Diseño de espacios públicos abiertos.

Ubicación: Distrito central de Hong Kong.

Dirigido a: Estudiantes universitarios de escuelas de arquitectura, paisaje, planificación urbana y diseño.

Premios: El ganador recibirá un premio de US$800, el segundo lugar recibirá US$200. También se emitirá un certificado para cada una de las menciones honoríficas.

El proyecto se exhibirá en la Escuela de Arquitectura de la Universidad China de Hong Kong y en el Instituto de Diseño Urbano de Hong Kong.

+ Información: https://urbanactionshk.com/2019/04/04/competition_2019-3/