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We invite for a three-days workshop on Solar Passive Design to be held at Auroville (near Puducherry). The seminar will teach passive design strategies for planning and architectural design with a main focus on three tropical climatic zones (hot-humid, hot-dry and composite). The following questions will be addressed.

  • How can we design settlements and buildings respecting solar passive design principles?
  • How do we evaluate and understand micro and macro climate of the building site?
  • How can we find appropriate design strategies for various climatic conditions?
  • How can solar passive principles be used meaningfully in dense urban areas?
  • How can we communicate the benefits of solar passive design to clients?
  • How can we optimize building energy demand through simulation?

Tentative topics: understanding climate (macro and micro climate), understanding climate change, appropriate site evaluation and planning (building orientation and function, strategies for natural lighting and ventilation, building materials and finishes, landscaping and water bodies etc.)

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