What is IFAC2014?

It is the acronym of Internatioal Festival of Art and Construction, it takes place from 11 to 20 August 2014  in a small rural town Covarrubias, Burgos (Spain). The main festival activities are the 20 architectural and artistic workshops, wich are complemented with other acts. This contest is convened to select the 20 IFAC workshops for the 3rd edition..

Who is attending?

IFAC is a space where exchange creative work and party atmosphere.  300 youngsters from all around the world with some relation to art and architecture whom will live together for 10 days, where debate, work and interchange experiences in a context of analysis and recovery of rural areas.

How do we work?

The working dynamic has three basic principles:

-Practical education: We don’t believe in the knowledge lineal transmision. Participants rotate througth the workshops, so it is possible to attend as much as they want,. Combining them allow to overcome the barriers of time, place or prejudice.

-Creative freedom: free expression is encouraged by the access to all the material & tools. This generate espontaneous creations and initiatives, uniques and  unpredictables.

-Collective enrichment: IFAC is an exchange of knowledge and experiences. In a horizontal atmosphere, each one takes active part in the workshops decissions, so this build the basics fofr a collective thinking througt the principles of cooperation, integration and dialogue.



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