This narrative inquiry is for anyone who would like to participate in a collaborative open learning project aimed at gaining deeper understandings of personal creativity and its role in their own developmental processes. The website and process are supported by Lifewide Education and  by everyone who contributes a narrative of their own developmental process.

Questions we are interested in exploring include:

  • What does being creative mean to me in my own developmental contexts?
  • How does creativity emerge through my personal and professional developmental processes?
  • How, why, where and when am I creative within my developmental process?
  • What definitions/conceptions of creativity best explain the nature of my personal creativity?
  • What tools might I use to examine and explain personal creativity?
  • What other questions are worth examining?

This is an open process and participants have the freedom to choose when to start and finish their narrative and to design a methodology to achieve the twin objectives of

  • creating a narrative to describe their developmental process within which creative thoughts and actions are identified and recorded
  • growing collective understandings of personal creativity as understandings are shared with other participants

1 Participants choose a developmental context for their self-study. It can be in any aspect of their lives – work, education, family, hobbies, sport, community, travel, illness or any other aspect of their lives. It is envisaged that processes for personal development will last for between 3 to 12 months to enabled development to be recognised.

2 Each participant creates their own narrative of their developmental process in whatever way is meaningful and useful to them using any medium for example – diary, scrapbook, blog, audio or video recordings or any other technology assisted means.

3 Each participant develops their own criteria for judging their creativity and attempts to recognise when, where, how and why they are creative within their developmental process.

4 Insights, understandings and stories of creativity in development are shared in the Participants’ Forum

5 Each participant will use their narrative or record of learning and development to create a chapter for the Creativity in Development E-
Book which is hosted by this website. Chapters may use a variety of formats including text, audio, video, photographs and illustrations.

Chapters will be submitted to the project coordinator who will also offer support and guidance.

To register your interest in being involved in the process please use the registration form.